Order a Growler and choice of 2 Pizzas, 2 Dozen Wings or Mix and Match for Take out. Only $29!

*Take-out only. Available Sunday-Thursday. 64oz Growler Fill applies to all beers in 14-16oz pours. 32oz Growler Fill applies to 10oz pours. Some beers may not apply. Growlers sold separately. Place your order today!


Cheese 11
Tomato sauce, blend of cheeses

Vegetable 12
Seasonal vegetables, pesto sauce, blend of cheeses

Buffalo Chicken 12
Buffalo sauce, grilled chicken, mozzarella, blue cheese crumbles

Prosciutto & Arugula 12
Blend of Cheeses, balsamic reduction

Short Rib 13
Caramelized onions, sharp cheddar, provolone, spicy BBQ sauce

Wing Flavors

Asian BBQ
Bee Sting**
Caribbean Jerk
Garlic Parmesan
Ghosts of San Antonio****
Hot Habanero***
Jack Daniels**
Lemon Pepper
Parmesan Peppercorn
Red, White & Blue*
San Antonio**
Smokey the Bear
Tres Amigos
10,000 GHOST *********

See the column marked with a pizza icon
Updated 7/22/17
2SP Foeder Brau #6: Saison
Saison/Farmhouse Ale/6.5%PA
16 oz$6$2.5$10pizzaicon
Alesmith Thai Speedway Stout
American Imperial Stout/12.0%/CA
9 oz$10$7$27N/A
Allagash White
16 oz$6$2.5$10pizzaicon
Boulevard Love Child #8
Sour - American Wild Ale/8.2%/MO
9 oz$8$6$21N/A
Captain Lawrence Barrel
Select Black
Sour - American Wild Ale/10.0%/NY
9 oz$7$5$18N/A
Coppertail Independent Pilsner
Czech Pilsner/5.1%/FL
16 oz$6$2.5$10pizzaicon
De Proef Abstolution
Belgian Strong Dark Ale/9.0%/BEL
9 oz$9$6$24N/A
Dogfish Head Lupu-Luau
American IPA/7.3%/DE
16 oz$6$2.5$10pizzaicon
Hydra Beer Company Lilith
Blonde Ale/5.5%/SD
16 oz$6$2.5$10pizzaicon
Jack's Abbey Smoke & Dagger NITRO
Smoked Beer/5.8%/MA
16 oz$6$2.5$10pizzaicon
Knee Deep Cali Gold
American Double IPA/8.0%/CA
10 oz$6$4$15pizzaicon
Sly Fox Helles Lager
Munich Helles Lager/4.9%/PA
16 oz$5$2$8pizzaicon
Stillwater The Cloud
American IPA/7.0%/MD
16 oz$8$3$21pizzaicon
Stone Mocha IPA
American Double IPA/9.0%/CA
14 oz$7$3$12pizzaicon
SweetWater TripleTail
American IPA/5.5%/GA
16 oz$6$2.5$10pizzaicon
The Bruery Saule
Old Ale/16.1%/CA
9 oz$12$9$32N/A
The Bruery Gose Are Red Sour - Gose/CA10 oz$6.5$4$16.5pizzaicon
The Bruery Guava Libre
Cream Ale/7.5%/CA
9 oz$9$6$24N/A
La Fin Du Monde
Belgian Tripel/9%/CAN
14 oz$7$3$12pizzaicon
Unibroue A Tout Le Monde
Saison/Farmhouse Ale/4.5%/CAN
14 oz$7$3$12pizzaicon
Weyerbacher 22 Anniversary Ale
Scotch Ale/11.1%/PA
9 oz$7$5$18N/A
2SP Crossed Eyed Kitty
& The Meow Bocks
16 oz$7$3$12pizzaicon
Alesmith Thai Speedway Stout
American Imperiat Stout /12.0%/CA
9 oz$10$7$27pizzaicon
Captain Lawrence Pomme Sauvage
American Wild Ale NY 7.0%
9 oz$9$6$24N/A
Cascade Noyaux
Sour - American Wild Ale OR 8.5%
9 oz$11$8$30N/A
D9 Viking Fraoch Scottish Sour
Sour - American Wild Ale/5.0%/NC
10 oz$6$4$15pizzaicon
The Hop Concept
Citrus & Piney
American Double IPA/8.5%CA
14 oz$7$3$12pizzaicon
Knee Deep Gas, Break, DIPA
American Double IPA/8.2%/CA
10 oz$6$4$15pizzaicon
Perennial Suburban Beverage
Sour- Gose/4.2%/MO
14 oz$7$3$12pizzaicon
Russian River Consecration
Sour - American
Wild Ale/10.0%/CA
9 oz$11$8$30N/A
Siren Hillbilly Wine
American Double IPA/9.0%/ENG
10 oz$8$5$21N/A
The Bruery Frederick H.
Sour - Berliner Weisse/4.4%/CA
10 oz$6$4$15pizzaicon
The Bruery Frucht: Lemon & Cherry
Sour - Berliner Weisse/5.0%/CA
10 oz$8$5$21N/A
The Bruery Gose Are Red
Sour - Gose/5.3%/CA
10 oz$6.5$4$16.5pizzaicon
Troegs Nimble Giant
American Double IPA/9.0%/PA
14 oz$3$6.5$11pizzaicon

Sunday – Thursday

Of course we’ll fill outside Growlers! Just make sure they are CLEAN and you bring the correct Growler size depending on the beer you’d like to order. 64oz Fills for pours 14-16oz and 32oz Fills for 10oz pours. Some may not apply.