If you’re a fan of beer, then there’s one place on Bridge Street you want to check out…us of course!

We take pride in our beer selection. We understand the popularity of the Miller Lites and the fans of Coors, but there are those drinkers out there who just live for craft beers and micro brews. So we thought, why not make everyone happy.

Our taps are always changing and in turn, so is our website. We do our best to keep you informed, so you know what the look forward to on your next visit.

Don’t quite see something on tap that floats your boat. Well, check out this stellar bottle list and then get back to us:

Allagash Tripel 25 oz (Tripel)
Amstel Light (Light Lager)
Bass Ale (English Pale Ale)
Brooklyn Local 1 25oz (Belgian Strong Pale Ale)
Bud Light (Light Lager)
Bud Light Lime (Light Lager)
Budweiser (American Lager)
Chimay Grande Reserve 25oz (Belgian Strong Dark Ale)
Coors Light (Light Lager)
Corona (American Lager)
Corona Light (American Lager)
Dogfish Head 60 min IPA (American IPA)
Dogfish Head 90 min IPA (American Double IPA)
Duvel Belgian Golden Ale (Belgian Strong Pale Ale)
Grolsch Premium Lager (Euro Pale Lager)
Heineken Light (Light Lager)
Ommengang Hennepin (Saison/Farmhouse Ale)
Troegs Troegenator (Dobblebock)
Lindeman’s Framboise Rasberry (Lambic – Fruit)
Michelob Ultra (Light Lager)
Miller Lite (Light Lager)
New Castle Brown Ale (English Brown Ale)
O’Doul’s NA (Non-Alcoholic)
Orval Tappist Ale (Belgian Pale Ale)
Red Stripe (American Lager)
Rolling Rock (American Lager)
Samuel Smith Nut Brown Ale (English Brown Ale)
Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout (Oatmeal Stout)
Sly Fox Rasberry Rush 25oz (Fruit Wheat Beer)
Smirnoff Ice (Malt Lager)
Stella Artois (Euro Pale Lager)
Strongbow Dry Cider (Cider)
Troegs Dreamweaver (American Pale Wheat Ale)
Victory Golden Monkey 25oz (Tripel)
Young’s Double Chocolate Stout (Milk Stout)
Yuengling Lager (Amber Lager)