Here, at Bistro on Bridge, we pride ourselves on our craft beer selection. We currently serve 21 Rotating Beers on Draft. Our goal is to bring you only the best in a variety of unique & different styles: Stouts, Sours, Pale Ales, Porters, IPAs and much more. We offer Growler and Crowler fills to go as well as a weekly Takeout Special.

Below you will find our current Draft List, a list of beers we kicked over the year and brews stored in our Cellar for our Annual Out of the Cellar Party.

You may also notice four varieties, known as the Prospects. These are beers we blend in house using varying ingredients to achieve certain flavors in the beer. A local brewery brews the base beers for us and we do the blending here when they show up at our doorstep.

Make sure to check back periodically to see what new beers we’re carrying or give us a call! (610) 935-7141