The Home Brewers Club and Bistro on Bridge planned to host a Heavy Seas Firkin Showdown for our Baltimore Beer Bash (Thursday, June 11). The Club would be divided into two teams, craft two unique firkins and then square off at our Takeover Event. And so they did. A CrossBones Firkin vs Gold Ale Firkin. Both delicious and ready to go!

That was until….they exploded. 

Yes, the Firkins exploded. No Firkins. So no more Contest. BUT THERE’S STILL BEER! And here’s the updated list!

Brewer’s Art Sangreal
DuClaw Hop Continuum No. 2 – Mosaic Red IPA
DuClaw Coffee Stout X-9
DuClaw X-10 Cantaloupe Saison
Heavy Seas Blackbeard’s Breakfast
Heavy Seas Siren Noire
Heavy Seas Phantom Ship
Heavy Seas CrossBones
Heavy Seas Loose Cannon
Heavy Seas Small Craft Warning
Heavy Seas Smooth Sail
Stillwater Projector Readymade

But it gets even better. Due to this accident (and by the way, no one was hurt, but maybe some egos), we will be given the opportunity to craft an entirely new firkin with a unique release from Heavy Seas that will be ready for our 6th Anniversary! Now THAT is pretty awesome and at the end of the day, everyone wins!