Have you tackled our Wing Challenge? Think your tough, eh? Well, then, think again! Thursday, October 18th, Bella Vista hosts the Man Vs Beer Challenge! We will have a line up of insanely hot beers to compliment our wings.

1 – One 12 oz bottle Ghost Face Killah paired with (3) Ghost Wing Challenge wings
2 – 6 oz Joseph James Habanero Hop Box Imperial IPA paired with (3) Ghost Wing wings
3 – 6 oz Ballast Point Habanero Sculpin IPA paired with (3) Habanero wings
4 – 6 oz Billy’s Chilies paired with (3) Hot Habanero wings

Contestant must lick fingers clean and wait five minutes with no beverage. When all is done, you have to sit there for an additional 5 minutes and feel the burn!!

No wiping. No water. AND No other beer.

Contestants who survive will win a T-Shirt and be featured as the toughest around on our Website & Facebook