Evolution Craft Brewing Company Tap TakeoverWe at Bistro on Bridge are happy to announce, NOT ONE, but TWO Tap Takeovers coming your way in June.  That’s right, two! Not only that, they’re less than a week apart! Crazy, right? It gets even better.

Over a month ago, we announced Evolution Brewing Company for our June Tap Takeover. We were ecstatic to announce this after having the Lot 6 on tap, which no surprise, everyone enjoyed. The Lot 6 is a Double IPA loaded with tropical fruit and citrus notes. It goes down easy with an ABV at 8.5%. On June 7th, you can expect to see other varieties from Evolution:

Evolution 608 Special
Evolution Incubator 1
Evolution Dry-Hopped Lot 3 IPA Firkin
Evolution Lucky 7
Evolution Prelude Gold
Evolution Rise Up Stout

We won’t know what that Firkin is until it’s almost go time, but we’ll keep you posted. Hey, we’re just as curious!

Now, what’s this other Takeover happening in June? June….13th?! Yeah, we’re that excited we couldn’t put it on hold any longer. Bella Vista Distributor was gracious enough to get four varieties from Maine Beer Company that include Mo, Peeper Ale, Mean Old Tom, and yes, Lunch!

Why is this such a big deal? Other than ratings like this and this and this and even this?

Well, other than maybe Philly Beer Week, Lunch is one IPA you will rarely EVER see on tap, IF EVER! We were fortunate enough to score this for our Line Up and figured hey, why wait until July. Let’s get this locked and loaded ASAP! Plus, their slogan IS “do what’s right” over at Maine Beer Company. We’re only doing what we’re told. As should you!

We wouldn’t be able to pull this off without our loyal fans and customers. We only want to make these Craft Beer Events Bigger and Better in the future. Spread the word and share our Facebook Events! Not a fan yet? Look no further. Cheers.