Check out this awesome review of our Risotto Balls at the Phoenixville Dish!

Our Recommendation: Risotto Balls

Where: Bistro on Bridge, 210 Bridge Street, Phoenixville,

I have few weaknesses in life, or favorite foods. Being a foodie, it is easy for me to gush over delicious tastes and bites I’ve had before, but no matter where I go, I will have one local favorite that trumps all.

The risotto balls from Bistro on Bridge.

I don’t remember the exact day I tried this ultimate food favorite, but I do remember the taste. I believe I reacted somewhere along these lines:

“What is this? This is so good! What is in this sauce?! It tastes like love!”

Yes, it was a bit dramatic, and yes, I did say it tasted like love. But these treats are something most Phoenixvillians have had at some time or another, and I have never had anyone give anything less than full enthusiasm about the deliciousness. In fact, I know people who have been on the fence about moving to the area, and the Risotto Balls have sealed the deal (true story!).

What is this magical food I speak off? Cheesy risotto, in breaded ball form, so that the insides are all warm and gooey with melted mozzarella. You get five, served with this AMAZING fresh pesto aioli, that is literally one of my favorite sauces ever. I might even request it to go with other dishes at Bistro. The creamy insides, with the fresh pesto juxtaposition, define comfort food at its best, and most delicious.